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Expand Your World With Pan!

steel_drum_lessonsOur group is committed to spreading the awareness of steel pan music and various genres of music around the world. We have a prepared clinic that is available for school assemblies and master classes for music students in school. Learning about the steel drum is a very unique cultural lesson and not only offers historical and modern day relevance, but highlights this very enjoyable musical style. We are also now excited to offer one on one lessons with our pros in drum set, steel drums, and classical percussion! Lessons at our studios start at $35 per hour. Lessons at your location start at $45 (depending on commute).

Steel Drum Lessons

Steel pan is an incredible and versatile instrument. It fits perfectly for the beginning musician because of its ease of use, and offers an immediate reward for players young and old. Conversely, our pan professionals can teach you if you’re an experience pan player looking to add a new wrinkle to your playing, or an established musician who wants to learn to play a completely new and unique instrument.

Drum Set and Classical Percussion Lessons

We’re all drummers at heart. Studying the art of hitting stuff is a special pleasure, and a worthwhile pursuit for any kind of person out there. Expand your coordination and musical understanding with some drum set lessons! For those of you studying classical percussion, our pan professionals are also well versed in percussion instruction on snare drum, timpani, mallets, and auxiliary percussion. This stuff is good for your brain, challenging and full of depth, but most of all, FUN!