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Book the Pan Association live band for your event. We play a variety of Caribbean and Latin styles, current pop music and pan classics.

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Whether it's your first experience playing a musical instrument, or your new musical endeavor, learning to play steel drums is a fun and fulfilling experience.

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Contact us to get started booking the band. If you email us, please provide as much specific information as possible

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Learn music from our professionals! We teach steel drums and a variety of percussion instruments

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If you're new to this whole "steel drums" thing, let us help get you in touch with pan stuff happening in your area

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The latest and greatest coming from the world of the Pan.

February 23, 2017 No Comments

For Better or Worse: Standardizing Pan

Who’s version of a double guitar pan pattern is most common? If you master the double seconds in high school and seek to play pan in college, will the notes in the pan be even close to the same on their pans? How should I prepare for travel to Trinidad to play in a band […]

September 22, 2016 No Comments

So, you want to buy some pans, bro?

Those of us who are pan players, the lucky few, have all found the instrument in our own unique way. Whether it was a call deep in your soul that you promptly answered, you’re 4th generation Trini, or just a parrot head, the jumbie has hit us deeply and compels us to do somewhat crazy […]

July 6, 2016 No Comments

Read, Write, and Rote

The Basics As a pan player or arranger, there’s more than just one way execute your art form. Many fall back on the method of ‘rote,’ learning through memorization via repetitions of passages. This is the origin of pan playing and steel band instruction, and part of the reason why it’s such an accessible instrument to […]